Stratis UI kit for Figma

Stratis UI
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A Figma UI kit and design system

Stratis UI is the one of the largest Figma UI kits and design system in the world. Stop wasting your time recreating the same components and fast-track your workflow to take on more, by doing less.

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Deliver scale, in moments

One of the more gruelling aspects of product design is not in the creation or exploration cycles, but in the documentation and the maintenance of a design system. Save yourself hundreds of hours and design time by using this kit which is targeted at product designers looking to build at scale, without spending weeks just getting the framework ready.

300+ global styles

  • Industry standard and stress tested Inter typography system for maximal accessibility
  • High contrast and white label ready color system waiting for your brand to be added

1000s of components and variants

  • Carefully built with 100% Auto Layout 4.0, smart variants, and component properties
  • Built to reduce variant clutter and design system bloat, no more excessive variants

100+ App and widget examples

  • See how the components can be assembled to create development ready webpages and apps in minutes
  • Use templates examples to quickly get ideas going or use straight away to save time on redundant pages

Ensuring your products can last

There are lots of options to choose from when buying Figma component libraries and UI kits. Each have their strengths and weaknesses. Most dont manage scale and quality at the same time save 1, and now 1 more. Stratis UI is built with SaaS products in mind and to be less prescriptive that others as far as branding is concerned. We kept things minimal and high contrasts to allow core product features to stand out and have the UI be invisible. Good design is noticeable great design is invisible.

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Who should buy this UI kit:

  • Design enthusiasts and hobbyists β€” If your new to the game or want to see if you would like a job as a designer, see how you could solve the problems you see everyday
  • Working Designers β€”Β Spend less time on banal busy work and more or providing solutions and value.
  • Design Teams β€” Ensure consistency across your products and projects by implementing a source of truth that everyone can engage with
  • Students β€”Β Learn how to build your own design systems and reverse engineer what has been built and adapt it to your own needs
  • Startups & Small business β€” Not quite funded yet? or dont have the capital for teams of bespoke designers? Save hundreds of thousands of dollars by getting something built at scale for a fraction of what an agency or design team would cost

Why we created this Kit

This kit was created after having a discussion another team that creates UI kits. This team was Untitled. As we operate in the same country and have had some similar clients, we had a discussion about the industry and their product on offer and by then end of it, they were encouraging us to build our own. Thats the kind of people Untitled are.

Why would another kit be needed? There was always be a need for new kits with different styles and components. There is no universal rule when it comes to managing large designs systems, some people want broad stroke kits and some want more market specific resources. Out kit is less prescriptive when it comes to branding and visual aesthetic and more white-labled for SaaS products design. With more than a decade in the industry building products for Google, Uber, Atlassian and the like, we learned that everyone uses a different approach to product design.

This kit is comprised of ready to development and assemble components that you wont need to remake. They have the same quality as the best product designers on dribbble, behance, or any other design platform. We've built a huge amount of professional quality components that are optimised for maximal flexibility whilst minimising system bloat and component excess.

No one wants to remake the same button or toggle every-time the start a project. So instead of starting from a blank canvas, we wanted this kit to save designer a huge amount of unnecessary preliminary design time that strips all the inspiration out of the project.

Stratis UI was built to solve the repetitive tasks and busy work, and save time for building meticulously engineered design solutions and pixel perfect UI. You can use this kit for as many projects as you want from single page websites to massive enterprise level SaaS apps. Its a tool thats an extension of your design skills that helps you focus on creating and innovating.


If you have a specific questions no listed, or any other inquiry contact our team at

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Stratis UI kit for Figma

18 ratings
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